Nowadays, matching washers and clothes dryers are extremely popular. Are you planning to get a set like that, but you still haven’t decided what model to choose? In case you are in this situation, you should have a look at the following 2015 top rated washers and dryers. By doing so, you will certainly find it easier to make a choice.

Whirlpool Duet WFL98HEBU and WGD98HEBU

This is a fantastic washer and dryer pair. Both of these units have a big capacity, and they are highly recommended for large families with children. The washer is extremely efficient when it comes to dirty clothes, and it does its job very gently when it comes to precious fabrics. It comes with 13 wash cycles, in order to meet all your needs. The dryer is also very qualitative, and it has a quiet operation, which is perfect because other machines make a disturbing noise while operating. TheMoreover, these two appliances are Wi-Fi enabled, providing remote control via any smart device you have. This way, you will be able to monitor the whole process, and start or stop the unit whenever you want. You will certainly be pleased by these clever features.

LG Duos WM3570HVA and DLEX3570HVA

These two units are highly recommended due to the fact that they are reasonably priced and very efficient as well. Both of them are very quiet and many consumers highly recommend them. With the TurboWash feature, you will be able to wash your clothes in the shortest time possible. You have 12 wash cycles to choose from, and the capacity is 4.3 cubic feet, which is quite reasonable. Furthermore, with the ColdWash option, your clothes will be cleaned extremely good. The incredible dryer is one of the best, due to the fact that it uses SteamSanitary Cycle in order to safely sanitize your clothes. Due to this reason, a machine like that is perfect for those who have babies. They will be able to dry and disinfect their baby clothes, without any effort whatsoever. Moreover, this unit comes with other clever feature, called Sensor Dry, which the moisture level during the process, and automatically adjusts the drying time, which is absolutely amazing. You have the possibility to choose between 5 temperature settings: ultra low, low, medium, medium-high, and high, and 5 drying levels: damp dry, less dry, normal, more-dry, and very dry. These two units have a graphite finish and elegant design that goes with any interior.

If you already have a good washer and it doesn’t come with a matching dryer, you can also buy a separate dryer. Go to in order to see which are the best rated dryers of the moment and choose the one which would best serve your needs.