Nowadays, many people choose to have in their homes an infrared heater. This type of unit has the capacity to warm up an interior extremely easy and in a short time. Are you planning to get one but do not know what to choose due to the many options that are on the market at the moment? If so, then here are some of the best-rated quartz infrared heaters.

LifeSmart Power Plus 6 Element

In case you have a house with large rooms, then you should definitely go for this heaters. This amazing infrared heater is able to heat a room up to 1500 square footage. It can easily do that due to its 6 quartz infrared elements. Each element is wrapped in a special metal coil which actually acts as a heat exchanger. LifeSmart Power Plus 6 Element is a powerful product, but you will also be able to use it in the Eco mode, and this actually means that you will save lots of energy and still have a warm home. When it comes to design, this incredible product has a wood exterior which makes it stylish and elegant. This quartz heater comes with a warranty period of 3 years, which is quite reasonable. Furthermore, it is reasonably priced and many of us can afford to buy.

LifeSmart Compact Power Plus

The same as the heater presented above, LifeSmart Compact Power Plus has the same dark oak wood exterior, which makes it look fantastic. It is small, which makes it perfect for small rooms. With its 3 heating elements will be able to heat a room up to 800 square feet. LifeSmart Compact Power Plus comes with a remote control which will offer you the possibility to control it, a timer and a digital thermostat. Overall, it is a clever unit that will easily and efficiently warm up your home.

LifeSmart LS- 1000 HH

Are you looking for an efficient and portable quartz infrared heater? If so, then you should definitely choose LifeSmart LS-1000 HH. It is one of the best products of this type that are on the market at the moment. In comparison with other units in this category, you will have the option to program the temperature, and due to its remote control you will be able to change it from anywhere in the room. It is also highly recommended for large interiors, up to 2000 square feet. Furthermore, it will look absolutely great in your living room due to its elegant dark oak wood exterior.

As you can see quartz heaters are probably the most efficient types of space heaters. If you read some patio heater reviews, you will see that outdoor quartz heaters are also very appreciated. This is due to the fact that the quartz heating elements can heat up very fast and produce instant heat, even in very low temperatures.