Massage chairs are generally very expensive, especially if you also add the installation costs. If you want to see which massage chairs offer the best quality for the smallest price, read some reviews on Moreover, in order to save some money, you can consider assembling your new massage chair by following a few steps. Whether you are planning to buy your massage chair online or from a local store, you need to spend some time into installing the chair in your home. Here are some useful and simple tips to help you along the way.

Getting things started

Once you have received your new massage chair, you need to make sure that you have a great deal of space available in order to handle all of the heavy boxes and start assembling your chair. Regardless from where you wish to buy it (online or from a store), the unit will come in multiple pieces and in different boxes. So, you will need to place the boxes with the individual components in the room in which you wish to set your massage chair and you’re ready to move to the next step.

Get some help

Assembling a massage chair can be a challenging task in itself, especially when you are on your own. To make things easier, consider asking the help of a friend to help you along the way. It will be very useful to have someone that can help you carry the heavy boxes or dealing with electrical components and so on. You can also download a user manual online or carefully read the one that comes with your massage chair and make sure to follow the instructions as listed there.

Install the arm rests

What’s important mentioning here is the fact the arm rests will come separate from the chairs. In order to put all of these elements together (the seat, seatback, armrests) you need to use proper tools to screw the elements together. You will mostly need a screwdriver and a key wrench. The screws are already included within the package, as well as some tools provided by the manufacture, that you can use in case you don’y have the specific tools with you.

Electrical components

In this next step, you will need to pay extra attention because things can get a bit tricky. Before you plug in your chair, you need to make sure that the chair is fully assembled and that it doesn’t miss anything. If you struggle with this step, you can ask the help of a professional or a friends who has more experience in this domain. The rollers, airbags are already installed so there’s no need to assemble them.