Because there are so many mobility scooters out there, that have different specifications and come at different prices, it can be hard to decide on which is the best model for you. To make up your mind easier, take a look at the following lines, where we will provide you with some useful shopping advice for when you go buy a mobility scooter.

The distances you plan to cover with it

According to what distances you intend to cover with the mobility scooter, and how often you will need to fold it to fit in a car when going with others on car rides, choose your model depending on this criteria first of all.
If you intend to go for short runs with it everyday, like to the supermarket, or to a neighbor’s home, you should go for a Class 2 mobility scooter.
Choose a Class 3 model if you want to go on long journeys with it, or if you line in a hilly area.
Always be prepared for the fact that the mobility scooter might need to fit in a car for when friends or relatives take you on car rides, therefore go for a model that is small, or that can be folded easily to fit in any car.

Find one to fit your body weight and size

You surely don’t want to see that because the mobility scooter doesn’t accommodate your weight and size it starts to become unstable from the first rides you take on it. To avoid this unpleasant situation, choose one that is right for you.
The small and light mobility scooters can stand a maximum weight capacity of 100-130 kilograms, therefore if you pass that weight, these types of mobility scooters aren’t recommended for you.
In addition, if you don’t pay attention to how much weight the mobility scooter can carry, if it gets wrecked the warranty won’t support the damage, because you weren’t supposed to use a model that can’t carry your weight in the first place.


How big is your budget?

No matter what you want to buy, you definitely have a budget you must stick to. We advise you to compare the prices and the features of the most convenient models, by reading some mobility scooter reviews. You can do that on the website, which provides comprehensive and accurate information about the best rated scooters.
If you don’t have enough money for certain models, search for one that has as many of the features you desire as possible, but prepare yourself to give up on certain features you would have liked as well.
If the budget allows you to buy whatever you want, go for a model that has all the features possible that may come in handy for you, and that has a big warranty too, this way ensuring the mobility scooter will have a big life span.