You may have heard about the water ionizer and the reverse osmosis water filter, but you probably don’t know what exactly these two devices to the water you drink and how they can influence your health. To help you understand better how these work and how they can improve your life, read the article below and find out the similarities and differences between a water ionizer and a reverse osmosis water filter.

How water ionizers work

When using a water ionizer, the water is first filtered by an activated carbon filter that collects sediments and chemicals. Then, the device softens hard water by removing inorganic compounds from it in a process that exchanges two sodium ions for every calcium or magnesium ion. This happens in an electrolysis chamber where water is charged electrically and the ions become both positively and negatively charged, resulting in alkaline water and acidic water. The fact that an ionizer produces two types of water that can then be used makes it more efficient than the reverse osmosis.

How reverse osmosis works

This water filter system is used to eliminate up to 99% of the contaminants existing in the drinking water, which is the good side of it. The bad side is that it also removes salts, minerals, and metals in the water, from which some are essential to your body, such as the calcium or the magnesium. The water resulted after using reverse osmosis is very pure, but the purer the water, the more power it has to dissolve things, including the minerals in your tissues and bones. This is why you must remineralize the water you have treated with a reverse osmosis system.

Which one is better

The water resulted with the reverse osmosis is very clean and it contains nearly no contaminant that could endanger your health, but it also lacks some important nutrients that are important to your health. On the other hand, the alkaline water produced by the water ionizer is clean and it contains the minerals that your body requires, so there are more benefits in using a water ionizer.

The conclusion

Both types of water cleaning systems offer you the chance to drink cleaner water, but the benefits brought by the water ionizer are bigger. If you have a reverse osmosis system at home, you can increase the quality of the water resulted by adding minerals to it with the help of a water ionizer.